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Your Welfare

One of the objectives of NAGS is ‘to promote the welfare of members of the Association and take any appropriate action for the advancement and training of its members. ‘

In short this means that NAGS will always do it’s best to support you whether you need a quick chat with a colleague who understands the issues, or more hands-on support in the face of serious problems.  County Welfare Officers are on hand to provide the former, whereas your National Officeholders (usually through the General Secretary) can provide support for more serious matters.

Further details on your Welfare Officers can be found below and General Secretary Rupert Barnes can be contacted on  01905 424292 or 07966 060304 

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone.

Welfare Officers

Welfare Officers exist in each NAGS region with the following objectives:

  • To meet new appointments and introduce them to NAGS and the role of Welfare Officers.
  • To be a source of advice and wisdom to new Group Secretaries.
  • To look out and try and help current Group Secretaries who are in financial or personal difficulties.
  • To be actively involved with anyone who is on a performance recovery plan or any other form of disciplinary procedure.
  • To actively help any Agent going through an Agency change.
  • To follow up on any information provided at Regional NAGS meetings.
  • To support the General Secretary in his work.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local welfare officer as per the details below – or of you would prefer to speak to someone further afield please choose another colleague.  If the matter is serious i.e relates to serious breaches or other compliance issues which could threaten your Agency, Agency changes, significant difficulties with regional management or financial difficulties please contact the General Secretary in the first instance.

NAGS Regional Welfare Officers

Member Region: County
Robert Brooks Region: England – Central: Gloucestershire
Michael Wynn Region: England – Central: Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire
Graham Lilley Region: England – East Anglia: Bedfordshire and Huntingdon
Catherine Little Region: England – East Anglia: Cambridgeshire
Rob Morrell Region: England – East Anglia: Essex
Ian Crickmay Region: England – East Anglia: Hertfordshire
Nicky Savage Region: England – East Anglia: Norfok
Miles Savage Region: England – East Anglia: Suffolk
Fiona Traquair Region: England – East Midlands: Derbyshire
Nikki Blackwell Region: England – East Midlands: Licolnshire
Alison Gemmell Region: England – East Midlands: Lincolnshire
Andrew Smith Region: England – East Midlands: Nottinghamshire
David Jones Region: England – North: Cumbria
Michael Blanshard Region: England – North: Northumberland
Stephen E Rank Region: England – North:
Emily Mitchell Region: England – North East: Yorkshire
Helen Fletcher Region: England – North East: Yorkshire
Robert Beaty Region: England – North East:
Andrew Moss Region: England – North West: Cheshire
Jo-Anne Prince Region: England – North West: Cheshire
David Shove Region: England – North West: Lancashire
Rachel Austin Region: England – North West: Lancashire
Neil Wagstaff Region: England – North West: Shropshire
Rebecca Millard Region: England – North West: Shropshire
Chets Modi Region: England – South East: East Sussex
Richard Buer Region: England – South East: Hampshire
Steven Bartlett Region: England – South East: Wiltshire
Alistair Murdoch Region: England – South West: Cornwall
Simon Whattler Region: England – South West: Devon
Kim Brake Region: England – South West:
Claire Ecclestone Region: England – West Midlands: Staffordshire
Fiona Patterson Region: Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland
Murray White Region: Scotland – North: Scotland – North
Euan Warnock Region: Scotland – South: Scotland – South
Merfyn Roberts Region: Wales – North: Denbighshire
Fran Fitzpatrick Region: Wales – South: Wales – South
Alan Bugler Region: Wales – South: Wales – South
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Groups & People

Groups & People

NAGS is a democratic organisation with members spread across 14 different regions.


Resources including information and advice on GDPR, NAGS Partnership Agreements and the NAGS constitution are available to members.
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My Membership

NAGS values its members and as well as providing advice and support offers several benefits to members.