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Welcome to the National Association of NFU Group Secretaries

NAGS operates across several pillars to provide comprehensive support and development opportunities to its members. In the realm of Recruitment, Induction, Mentoring, and Guidance, NAGS ensures a seamless integration of new recruits into NFU Mutual by collaborating closely with the agency department. This involves not only clarifying job roles during recruitment but also facilitating induction processes and assigning regional representatives to mentor and guide newly appointed agents. Moreover, NAGS focuses on fostering growth within agency partnerships through data sharing, benchmarking, and the dissemination of best practices, ultimately aiming to address knowledge gaps and enhance business efficiency.

In the sphere of Self Development, NAGS encourages continuous growth and learning among its members through various initiatives. These include promoting the pursuit of industry qualifications to develop specialised knowledge, facilitating collective support for professional development, and providing networking opportunities through forums like the annual conference. Additionally, the organisation offers guidance and support to members seeking financial assistance or reputable qualification providers, further fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Furthermore, NAGS extends its support through Welfare & Support initiatives, addressing the daily challenges members face with systems and processes. This includes collaboration with NFU Mutual departments via the NAGS Agents Liaison Group, provision of trained mental health first aiders, and organising annual conferences for networking and idea-sharing. NAGS also provides legal support through collective insurance and recommends the establishment of partnership agreements for clarity and mutual understanding among agencies. Lastly, the organisation maintains strong liaison with farming unions to advocate for members’ interests within NFU roles, emphasising collaboration and advancement within the agricultural community.

Recruitment, Induction, Mentoring & Guidance

Recruitment: NAGS representatives collaborate with the NFU Mutual agency department to enhance comprehension of job roles during recruitment. This involves emphasising the true nature of the job to potential candidates.

Induction: NAGS facilitates induction processes for new recruits, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources for their roles within the agency.

Mentoring: NAGS assigns regional representatives to provide support and guidance to newly appointed regional agents, aiding in their transition and development within the organisation.

Guidance: NAGS focuses on data sharing, benchmarking, and collating and disseminating ideas on agency business practices. This aims to fill knowledge gaps and foster growth within agency partnerships by highlighting areas where improvement or further understanding is needed.

Self Development

NAGS encourages self-development through various activities:

Industry Qualifications: Pursuing industry qualifications is highlighted as a means to develop specialised knowledge and maintain ongoing professional growth.

Collective Support: NAGS promotes the collective purchase of professional qualifications, allowing like-minded members to journey through these qualifications together, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Networking and Support: The organisation provides a forum for members to connect, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences, while also guiding them towards potential financial support and reputable qualification providers.

Annual Conference: Facilitates networking opportunities, idea-sharing, and new connections among members.

Welfare & Support

We all come across daily challenges with systems & processes. NAGS supports members through:

NAGS Agents Liaison Group: Collaborates closely with NFU Mutual departments to improve business efficiency by addressing daily challenges with systems and processes.

Subgroups: Several groups focus on specific systems and topics within the NAGS agents liaison group, allowing for targeted problem-solving and improvement.

Trained Mental Health First Aiders: NAGS maintains a team covering the national network to provide initial support for members facing difficulties.

Annual Conference: NAGS organises a yearly event aimed at networking with colleagues, sharing ideas, and establishing new contacts within the industry.

Legal Support: NAGS carries collective insurance to support members in defence of legal disputes such as employment.

Office holders Liaison with NFU Mutual/Long Term Business Structure & Renumeration

Quarterly Meetings: NAGS office holders meet quarterly with NFU Mutual’s senior management to discuss strategic topics including business structure, commission, agent pension arrangements, customer support centre, and charges for the approved representatives regulatory regime.

Membership Affiliation: The majority of NAGS members have affiliations with one of the five farming unions, either as employees or service providers.

Liaison with Farming Unions: NAGS representatives regularly communicate with each of the farming unions to uphold and advocate for members’ interests within NFU roles.

Consultation Requirement: The agency agreement mandates NFU Mutual to consult with NAGS in case of any proposed changes to its terms.

Partnership Agreement: NAGS recommends that every agency establishes a partnership agreement for clarity and mutual understanding.

Farming Union Liaisons

Membership Affiliation: Most NAGS members have employment or service provider connections with one of the five farming unions.

Liaison with Farming Unions: NAGS representatives regularly engage with each farming union to uphold and advance members’ interests within NFU roles.


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NAGS values its members and as well as providing advice and support offers several benefits to members.