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NAGS was founded in 1955 and is formally recognised by the farming unions as the Group Secretaries’ (Business Managers in NI), trades union. NAGS continues to maintain a strong relationship with NFU Mutual and is one of its principal links with its agents in the field. Responsibility for the day to day operation of NAGS is held by its elected Officeholders, including a Chair, Vice-Chair, General Secretary and Treasurer. Each Officeholder is committed to working to support and represent NAGS members and ensure the principles of its constitution are reflected in their work.

NAGS members are based throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and to ensure the interests of all our members are fully supported the work of NAGS is organised into 14 regions.  Each region is represented at the National Council of the Association which means that wherever you are based your views are represented at all levels. Full details of the activities of NAGS can be found in our constitution which is available to download in the members area of this website.