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Regional Meetings & Officeholders

NAGS has 14 regions all of which hold their own meetings usually just before or just after National Council.  These meetings are a vital part of the association, allowing members to voice their views and where necessary send resolutions up to Council for debate and subsequent action if passed.

Regional chairmen have a vital role to play as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the association for their region and the following is a summary of their role:

  • Coordinate & Chair regional NAGS meetings (with support of Secretary)  Follow up any matters of concern as appropriate – perhaps contacting officeholders or liaising with regional management at the NFU M or the relevant farming union.
  • Be a contact for NFU/ NFUM for regional matters
  • Encourage/ chase membership and contact new agents as potential members of NAGS.
  • Direct members to appropriate officeholders and welfare officers
  • Be a contact for officeholders wishing to obtain regional responses/feedback.

Member Region
Kevin J Rillie (Chair) England – Central
Catherine Little (Chair) England – East Anglia
Tom Deacon (Chair) England – East Midlands
Jayne E Watson (Vice Chair) England – North
Sarah Kitching (Chair) England – North
Peter Hambling (Vice Chair) England – North East
Emily Mitchell (Chair) England – North East
Stephanie Cross (Chair) England – North West
John Heather (Chair) England – South East
John Herbert (Chair, Member) England – South West
Rachael George (Chair) England – West Midlands
Rachel Buchanan (Vice Chair) Northern Ireland
John McGreevy (Chair) Northern Ireland
Gill Carnegie (Chair) Scotland – North
Richard Turner (Chair) Wales – North
Carwyn Jones (Chair) Wales – South

Member Role Region
Gemma Heal Chairperson England – South West
Jack Ballard England – West Midlands
Steven Bartlett England – South East
Nikki Blackwell England – East Midlands
Nathan Conlon Wales – South
Rhys Davies Wales – South
Chris Donaldson Northern Ireland
Matthew Earl England – North West
Claire Ecclestone England – West Midlands
Aled O Griffiths Former National Chair Wales – North
Matthew Gummerson England – North East
John Herbert England – South West
Jonny Hogg Scotland – North
Helen Kirby England – South East
Sarah Kitching England – North
Catherine Little England – East Anglia
John McGreevy Northern Ireland
David Palmer Vice-Chair England – North
Nicholas Pope ALG Chair England – East Midlands
Jo-Anne Prince General Secretary England – North West
Hedd Rhys Wales – North
Kevin J Rillie England – Central
Keith Thom Scotland – South
James Tudor Wales – South
Peter Waistell Treasurer England – North

NAGS Council
Groups & People

NAGS Council

Council is the decision making body of our association and comprises of delegates from each region and the NAGS Officeholders.
Agents' Liaison Group
Groups & People

Agents' Liaison Group

The ALG is the primary conduit for operational and technical issues from the agency network concerning emerging policy from NFU Mutual.
My Membership
Membership benefits

My Membership

NAGS values its members and as well as providing advice and support offers several benefits to members.