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NAGS Legal Expenses Cover

NAGS Legal Expenses Cover through Markel Law & ARAG

NAGS Legal Expenses are included in your membership of NAGS for commissioned agents.

Markel Law will provide good service in respect of employment issues with our own staff, tax investigation and other contract disputes.  They can also answer queries on GDPR. Our Legal Expenses insurers Markel Law were unable to provide cover for agency disputes (with NFU Mutual) and employment disputes (with the Farmers Unions). 

To ensure full coverage, NAGS have taken out an additional policy with ARAG to provide cover for agency disputes and disputes with our employers, i.e. the Farmers’ Unions.  There is no cover for group actions, for example if NFU Mutual decided to withdraw all our agency agreements or there was a mass redundancy by a Farmers Union(s).  We would expect members to contact the General Secretary if there was an agency dispute or an employment dispute with a Farmers Union before resorting to ARAG legal expenses.

Contact details for Markel Law

Policy number CLP53640

Telephone 0345 217 0933

Telephone 0345 350 1099

Telephone 0345 074 2799

Legal portal operated by Markel Law which has various guidance notes and draft documents.  New users need to click on Law Hub sign up to register using the following code QBQujbBw

For contract disputes the minimum sum in dispute must be £1,000 and a £500 excess applies. A £500 excess applies for Tax Investigation aspect enquiries. For some cover a higher excess applies if we choose our own representatives. A full policy wording is available here

Contact details for ARAG

Policy number 514217

Telephone 0344 571 7978

Telephone 0333 000 3083

Telephone 0344 571 7964

The usual legal expenses conditions apply in that there has to be a greater than 50% chance of success and you cannot claim for expenses incurred prior to notification and approval of a claim. A full policy wording is available here

If you have any queries with the above please contact Peter Waistell,  NAGS Treasurer on 07507 784100 or email

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