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NAGS 2023 Benchmarking Survey

Please complete the survey based upon your agency at the end of 2022. The list of Power BI reports required to complete the survey are below. The questions are structured, so each report is used in sequence as below. Billing Centre may also be a useful reference, as some questions relate to FS commission.

Power BI reports to use:

1). Customer Insights > Customer Insights (this is a live report, so unable to filter to 2022.)

2). Agent MI Pack > Agency MI Pack (in the top right corner, filters set to 2022. ‘Avg New Business’ box, middle left of screen. Avg GWPI figure is needed, NOT Avg New Business figure)

3). Agency Network New Business & Overall GWPI report > Overall GWPI History

4). NIS Report > NIS Sales – Transaction Level (filters set to 2022)

5). Financial Services Analysis Report > Agent–Monthly Issued AC (filters set to 2022)

Billing Centre – Commission Statements. It may be beneficial to export the relevant statement into excel to assist with totting up.