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Benchmarking Survey

NAGS 2024 Benchmarking Survey

Dear Colleagues,

NAGS Pillar 1 – Benchmarking Survey 2024

Please find herewith a link to the 2024 NAGS benchmarking survey, which will build on the successful 2023 survey when almost half the agency network completed the survey. We are aiming for a similar number again, which will then form the foundation of a session at NAGS Conference in June.

Please, please can I urge you to take the 30-40 minutes or so that will be needed to complete it as accurately as you can; the results will be directly proportional to the participation and care of uptake.  The questions relate to an agency and so please only submit one data set per agency.

Please complete the survey based upon your agency at the end of 2023. The list of Power BI reports required to complete the survey is below. The questions are structured, so each report is used in sequence as below. Billing Centre may also be a useful reference, as some questions relate to FS commission

Power BI reports to use:

  1.  Customer Insights > Customer Insights (this is a live report, so unable to filter to 2023.)
  2. Agent MI Pack > Agency MI Pack (in the top right corner, filters set to 2023. Average policy premium in middle left box)
  3. Agency Network New Business & Overall GWPI report > Overall GWPI History
  4. NIS Report > NIS Sales – Transaction Level (filters set to 2023)
  5. Financial Services Analysis Report > Agent–Monthly Issued AC (filters set to 2023)

Billing Centre – Commission Statements.  It may be beneficial to export the relevant statement into excel to assist with totting up.

We have been very careful to design the process to ensure confidentiality and anonymity. The survey is hosted by Delegant, it is they and only they who will have access to the raw data which they will process into meaningful comparisons.  We have already trialled it with NAGS Council members and so are confident that it is what we intended.

The survey results will be sent in due course to the email address entered at the end of the survey.

The survey will close on the 20th March.

Yours sincerely, 

David Palmer
Chairman NAGS

The Survey is now closed