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Benchmarking Survey

NAGS 2023 Benchmarking Survey

Dear Member,

You are about to contribute to the 2023 NAGS survey. Collectively this is a very obvious management benefit that we can all give to each other as members of NAGS.

By partaking in the survey it is understood that you acknowledge the following important points:  

  1. Please answer honestly and accurately, please do not estimate or guess. The validity of the data is only good if we are all diligent with our submissions.
  2. Please recognise that it is important that the results are confidential and will only be made available to members of our association who have completed the survey.
  3. The results are not for sharing with any of our principals or non-members of NAGS.
  4. The results will be completely anonymous, and to guarantee this the survey is being coordinated by Delegant (NAGS admin support). No agent, NAGS Officeholder or NAGS Council member will be able to see or have access to the raw survey data.
  5. The survey will take approx. 30-45mins to complete, and please note it cannot be saved mid way through.
  6. Please ensure the survey is only completed once for the agency.

We look forward to wide participation and the presentation of some meaningful results. If you have any suggestions on topics or questions that you would like to see in future versions please advise your local NAGS chairperson or council member, we would love to hear your suggestions.

Finally, many thanks to all of those who have contributed to the creation and development of the survey, your work is much appreciated, who knows where it will take us?

Kind regards
David Palmer

The Survey is now closed.